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Product Review: Mila, The Miracle Seed

Posted Apr 21 2011 1:49am

I’ve been a big fan of Chia seeds for quite some time now, I guess ever since Daniel Vitalis released a podcast which questioned the true health benefits of flax (or linseed) products. After listening to the podcast I switched to Chia and actually preferred the taste and how it made my body feel. I even successfully grew a Chia plant in my back yard garden and harvested a few Chia seeds!

But what I didn’t know before I trialed Mila, is that Chia seed comes in 112 different varieties so who knows what variety of Chia I was growing in my garden back then. The great thing about this product, Mila, is that it’s a combination of what the manufacturers believe to be the top four varieties of Chia so you know you’re getting the most superhero power out of your Chia product.

I eat so many superfoods on a daily basis so when I begun the trial I was wondering what other or noticeable health benefits this product could bring to me. I’d also spent some time in the habit of making Chia seed porridge every morning for breakfast so I was kind of already up with the health benefits of Chia.

I guess it’s important to note that this Mila product is “opened up” Chia (not whole Chia seed) which is similar to pre-ground but better because it’s opened using a cold-fracturing process which prevents it from going rancid. I usually prefer to grind my own seeds because there’s always a strong possibility that ground seeds can get rancid very quickly (and can also lead to oxidization and decreased oil quality), so it’s awesome that this product is “opened” in a way that’s like ground but without the possibility of it going rancid. I’m usually too lazy to pull out my spice grinder and grind up seeds on the spot, which is why Mila’s already “opened up” seeds come in quite handy.

What I love most about this product is how versatile it is. You can add it in to just about anything. This morning I added it into some raw muesli, but I’ve also added it into smoothies and raw protein balls. It’s suggested to add it in to salads as well which I’m not so sure about, but it would definitely go nicely mixed into a raw salad dressing for sure. Here is a super cool and super simple smoothie recipe using Mila:

Mila Citrus Smoothie

  • 1 scoop of Mila
  • 2 1/2 cups of water or coconut water
  • 5 drops of Vanilla Stevia
  • 1/2 lime or lemon, squeezed

Variations: You can add fresh orange or grapefruit juice

Why is Chia good for us?

Chia seeds are the highest plant food source of Omega 3 on the planet, that’s kind of cool. I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of times before how important Omega 3s are for us and how usually we don’t get enough of them in our diets so consuming Chia is a good choice. This is especially good news for vegetarians and vegans who are unable to get high doses of Omega 3 through animals products.

Chia is also super high in protein, fiber, antioxidants and phytonutrients so you know your body is being well looked after when you consume Mila or Chia on a regular basis.

I’m a fast oxidizer, which means I metabolize my food very quickly so I need a lot of protein in my diet. I have to say that eating whole Chia seed porridge in the morning wasn’t filling me up like a good protein hit was, but the Mila actually does. For me this was the most significant plus to the product even though I’m not entirely sure why or how that works when both are Chia products. I’m guessing it either has something to do with the variety of Chia in Mila which perhaps is much higher in protein, or the fact that it’s pre-ground and therefore more easily assimilated into the body.

The one thing I don’t particularly like about the product is the taste – it doesn’t really taste like anything which is normal for Chia seeds. I guess with the seeds it’s easier to play and work with them to make a bunch of flavors surround the actual seeds, but with the pre-ground product it’s a little harder. Especially since once you add liquid to the Mila mix it’s going to soak a lot of it in as quickly as possible (much like how psyllium husks work).

At the end of the day I can’t ignore the fact that historically Chia seeds used to be called “runners food” by Aztec warriors. Whenever I discover that I food was so valued and so special among ancient cultures, I tend to think “woah” and give it a little more respect and acknowledgement because let’s be honest, a lot of ancient cultures were a little more conscious than us so they knew what the deal was. The Aztects, they knew how awesome Chia seeds were so they highly valued the seed and treated it with great respect, and so should we. The more I work in this industry the more I can recognize the importance of eating high conscious foods to match a lighter and more conscious vibration. Eating raw foods and superfoods like Chia is definitely the way to go.

One packet of Mila will last about a month. It’s a perfect addition to your diet if you’re wanting more protein, fibre and Omega 3. It’s also super easy to use. If you want to learn more about Mila or are interested in getting your hands on some, check out the Lifemax website here –

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