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Product Review: Hemp Hemp Hooray! Lush Lime Cleansing Cream

Posted Nov 22 2009 10:00pm

lush lime cream cleanser
Price: AU$21.95
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I’ve finally found a natural cleanser I absolutely love!

My boyfriend uses pure organic hemp oil as a facial moisturizer and he has GREAT skin, so when I was in a health store a couple of weeks ago and stumbled across a skin care brand called “Hemp Hemp Hooray”, I absolutely had to try their cleanser out.

Hemp Hemp Hooray’s Lush Lime Cleansing Cream is a beautiful rich cream cleanser. I’ve never had any luck with foaming cleansers because they dry my skin out too much. Cream cleansers on the other hand usually don’t strip the natural oil balance from my skin which I love because it means I’m keeping my skin in a really luscious natural state.

The Lush Lime Cleansing Cream is no exception. After using it my skin feels balanced and hydrated. If your skin feels dry or tight after cleansing it’s always a good sign that your cleanser is stripping too many natural oils off your skin. This is only going to lead to a disruption in the acid mantle of your skin and therefore possibly more acne. So if this is what your cleanser is doing now, definitely switch to a new one.

What I love most about this product is how it contains only a small number of ingredients. In my experiences over the last couple of years of blogging about natural skin care, the best natural products seem to contain the smallest number of ingredients. I guess this is just getting back to nature and following the rule which I love “simple is better”.

It also contains no comedogenic ingredients which is awesome! So boys and girls, you can safely use this product without worrying about clogged pores or getting a breakout. In fact, hemp oil is so incredibly healing so will actually be HELPING to clear your acne.

Since researching hemp oil for this blog post I’ve come across countless sources of information that rave about taking hemp oil internally and using it externally to help clear acne and improve the skin. So much so that I’m going to do a trial over the next few weeks using hemp oil only as a moisturizer. It’s supposed to be amazing at unclogging pores, keeping acne away, soothing redness and irritation and helping scars heal faster. So I’ll let you know what the results are!

Hemp Hemp Hooray’s Cleansing Cream is also quite cheap. It costs just over AU$20 for 250mL which is a lot cheaper than the Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple that I’ve been using. I honestly can’t find any reason not to use this product, I really do love it!

And after researching hemp I’m an even bigger fan of hemp products and the oil so I highly encourage you to give Hemp Hemp Hooray’s products a go. If you’re in Australia you may be able to find them in your local health stores. If not, you can read more about the products or buy from their website here - Hemp Hemp Hooray!

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