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Prepare yourself for the cold weather and enjoy the winter breeze of New York

Posted Nov 30 2011 5:37pm

Winter is perhaps the toughest season of the year in which your body has to go through a lot of hassles. Skin gets dry, dehydrated and stretched, hair becomes dry and scalp produces dandruff and many more other complications.

In New York, the winter season comes with not only cold weather but also low humid air (that absorbs moisture from your skin) and enormous amount of dust. In addition to these, the New York traffic, city crowd makes you stressed, de-energized and depressed. So during the winter your body needs some extra care. With some little daily habitual cautions in the winter, you can make your body and skin prepared not only to survive the attack of winter, but instead you can enjoy the breeze of the winter.

Personal Care during Winter Season

Start your day with a shower with warm water. Extreme hot water may dehydrate your skin instead of moistening it, so do not bath with too hot water. After taking shower, immediately apply moisturizer to your face and body. Moisturizer that contains SPF30 works well against cold. Immediate application of moisturizer after the bath lets the lotion to go deep inside your skin. Cold weather makes your hair and scalp dry that leads to produce dandruff. So wash your hair everyday with shampoo that improves the moisture condition of the hair and scalp.

Don’t forget to use a good conditioner. It is better to avoid hair dryer during winter because it will make your hair dry more than the cold weather do. Use lip balm to protect your lips from chapping as chapped lips hurt and doesn’t look good at all. Your skin may produce more dead skin cells due to the cold weather, so exfoliate your body skin at least twice a week to avoid dead skins. Use moisturizer after exfoliation. In fact, you need to use moisturizer frequently during winter, especially after bathing, washing face and before going to bed. Drinking plenty of water is a good way to maintain body moisture. Take plenty of rest and try to sleep some few more hours than the usual. Do not over eat or over drink, because it will make your digestion system busy for a long time that may slow down the circulation of blood to your skin and make it more dry.

Protect yourself with suitable winter special spa service

Visiting spa during the winter season is definitely a good idea to keep your body and mind cheerful. Almost every spa in New York provides special treatments for winter season. The beauty experts of Dyanna spa in Manhattan, New York say “Our spa treatments can help you remain looking radiant and staying relaxed even in the harshest weather and most stressful times.”   You may visit spa once a week to make ready your body and skin to fight against the winter cold.

To get rid of the stress and depression produced due to the cold, a Hot Stone massage is very useful. The massage uses heated basalt stones that are placed on the back on some specific points of the spine. These stone have excellent absorbent and heat retention qualities that make you relaxed and improve the energy flow of the body. Then there are other types of massages available to help you relax your body and mind. To protect your face from the cold, facial is a perfect way. In that case, the European facial would be a perfect choice as it is suitable for all types of skin. The cleansing and exfoliation of the facial pores will make your face breathable and clean the clogging of the cell pores. It also assists in re-hydrating the facial skin and giving you a younger look.

Statistics says that winter season is the favorite season of the year of more than 60% of people in New York. But to enjoy your perfect winter you need proper preparation of your body and skin. So in this winter make your body and skin ready to enjoy a wonderful winter vacation by following the tips above. Visit your nearby spa that provides best winter care in New York.
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