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Pre-op Tummy Tuck – Beware Dr Quickie

Posted Oct 02 2009 12:00am

A common point of dissatisfaction I see posted over an over again on tummy tuck forums is the appearance of the belly button. Fortunately these are patients done by other surgeons on these forums. ;)

While belly button repairs in some cases can be difficult (when there is a hernia or the tissue has been stretched to make it very thin,) most patients do not realize that all tummy tucks are not the same. I refer to the docs who do them in 2 hours affectionately (of course) as “Dr Quickie.” This operation frequently takes me longer and I actually work the whole time. This “extra” time is spent fine tuning amongst other things the belly button. I do an umbilicoplasty…meaning a more complicated belly button reconstruction with my tummy tucks. One of my tummy tuck belly buttons and a few from “Dr X” are featured on my website page linked below.

“When you go for consultation and one surgeon is really cheap relative to the others, you need to wonder if you are in the midst of Dr Quickie.”

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD


Dr D’s Website Umbilicoplasty page

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