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Please Help! Two years of red bumps on body and a VERY dry scrotum, what can this be?

Posted by kenej710

For two years or so, I have been getting red bumps all over my butt, thighs, and stomach. They are usually popable, but it just makes them bigger, and more red. It seems to be in the blood stream because they are always in a line pattern, or in the same area. I have tried several washes, but nothing is clearing these up! They are driving me nuts, and I cant seem to shake them.

 To go along with that, my scrotum is extremely dry, and flaky. I will scratch it, and skin will just flake off like powder. I use cream and that helps for a few hours, but every morning I wake up, it is very dry and itchy again. It just doesnt go away. No where else on my body is itchy or dry, just my scrotum.

 If anyone can help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. I need to get rid of these!


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