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please help my skin itches and cause lil bumps and rashes like infection

Posted by pure115

my skin is very itchy, every time i get an itch a little bump appear and after a short time it will look as if its an rash of some kind my skin is actually like a bubble not a bump no more and is even more itchier i get that out mostly every where on my body, its very itchy and after a while it disappears like nothing was there, sometimes it may leave a mark if jus a bump appear it sometimes be peelly sort of or scaley like i can pick at it but i dont, please help, one time i had a big outbreak on my right arm it was several rash like itchy how should i say it bumps, it was a lil warm to the touch and very visible, like swelling of my skin, i really dont know how to say it but my skin was raised and i guess red im dark skinned so i dont know but please help, it happens on my hand my fingers my neck my toes my stomach, elbows, legs, back, around my areola, around my waist, my backside,  chest, please help

thank you

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