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Plastic Surgery Mistakes with Reader Laura’s Comment

Posted Aug 08 2009 12:00am

Kelly Smith’s attempt to go up a bra size when her 15-year-old leaky saline implant needed a repair this winter left has her in a self-imposed house arrest.

Smith said her new size-D implants looked “fantastic” for eight weeks. But then a quarter-sized “bubble” appeared between her breasts.

Sounds like this could be symmastia, an unusual complication in which the breasts appear to have no cleavage. It might also be a tear in the muscular cover of the implant. Complications can be difficult to fix. We can’t be sure of course as the story doesn’t really give these particulars.

We also are not given much info on the doctor. Was she a trained and/or certified plastic surgeon? I am not sure the case is a “mistake,” but poor outcomes should be fixed if possible. Poor outcomes more commonly come from the work of poorly trained or inexperienced surgeons. Did the patient have “much larger implants” placed at her second operation? Maybe she didn’t have the tissue to cover them and this lead to the problems.

Hopefully this lady will have her problem properly addressed.

Reader Laura Adds:

Since plastic surgery seems to be becoming more mainstream, have you seen an increase in patients needing rework done? Have there been more patients with unrealistic expectations?

When patients get into the hands of novice surgeons, problems are more common and redos are as well. Some patients do think they can have anything they want and go to the doctors who promise this leading to more problems. This lady might be just such a case.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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