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Pinhead scabs on skin?

Posted by NREMT

I have about a dozen or so tiny scabs on my skin. They are not clustered, and oddly seem spread over the left side of my body (the exception being one on my right foot). They are tiny scabs and are not the typical black scabs, but are instead semi-clear. They are not inflamed, they are not raised bumps, they are not excreting anything at all, and only a couple of them itch. What could this be from?

The only thing that has changed in my lifestyle recently is that I began working out daily a couple of weeks ago, and therefore perspiring a LOT. I don't know why I perspire so much, I just do, and I am not really out of shape at all. Also, I used to work in EMS (emergency medical services) and was exposed to a bunch of nasty things but I had my blood drawn when I left that job and it came back negative of anything.

Thank you for answering this! 

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