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Perhaps Each Lesson We’re Given In Fact Holds Several?

Posted Feb 19 2012 3:17am

I know I planned on posting more video for you while I was in Australia but I’m going to be honest here … I did want to make a video for you today but I’ve been for a swim and it’s a lazy summer afternoon and I can’t be bothered putting mascara on and doing my hair, and I’d really rather you didn’t see me looking too disheveled. However, please note that I don’t mind doing everything else in public like this, it’s just that I don’t particularly feel that I can pull it off in video that will sit online for some number of years.

Sometimes I can be as much of a girl as I am.

But! I was super enthusiastic before my swim to record video for you, only it was too hot (hence the swim)… so there will be video for you coming soon :)

I wanted to talk a little about the lessons I’ve learned since being back in Australia. As I mentioned earlier I came here on a decision at the last minute because I really needed to get out of Pisac for a while. I was feeling somewhat emotionally distressed and was beginning to develop a bit of an attitude towards the Universe about it. You know, “Why me!?” and all that. So I came here and got distracted and forgot a little bit about my troubles until I began to remember again and it wasn’t so bad because time had passed and as we know time heals all wounds.

So with this healing has come a lot of new insight. I’ve yet again begun to see the complexity and perfection of the Universe. In any given moment the Universe and what powers are behind it.. who knows really .. are weaving in the perfect situations and synchronicities for us all to learn the perfect lessons. That’s a lot of perfection but I have a lot of faith and trust in the Universe no matter how pissed off I am with it sometimes. It’s only after I’m emotionally out of a situation that I can look back on it and realize that not only did I learn one valuable lesson but I in fact learned several. It’s in these moments that my mind boggles at how amazing whatever it is out there that’s orchestrating this whole thing because I can see so clearly that they had a very defined plan in store for me well before I was even remotely aware of it.

I love you Universe for that.

I recently heard of this woman who can calculate how much free will each of us has. Her belief is that each of us holds a unique percentage of free will and she can tune in and find out what yours is. I would love her to tell me what mine is… although to be honest I’d much prefer just to assume that I have very little. I honestly believe that the Universe does a much better job at looking after me than I do. As I’ve written in many previous posts, whenever I stop fighting against my own intuition and start flowing with it, everything just falls and clicks so beautifully into place even if my mind is telling me that it’s the wrong thing to do. There is something so special about putting your full trust into your “gut feeling” and just allowing whatever is to be whatever is.

So next time I find myself in a little tricky spot or a negatively charged emotional situation, I’m going to TRY and remember this .. maybe I’ll pull up this post and tune into this time and remember with as many cells in my body that I can, that the Universe has a lovely little plan in store for me and that the end is always so much brighten than I could ever imagine. And with each lesson the brighter I get and with that brightness the closer I flow to the source of divine love… and how could that not be all worth it in the end.

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