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Painful red hard zit like sores on forearms, my doctor says i am clean typical illnesses my age (male 28). What could they be?

Posted by lcnaas

I have been getting painful pimple like sores on my forearms lasting longer than a ingrown hair or pimple.  Only one appears at a time usually.  I have seen the doctor and done a few lab tests.  I am clean of the typical STD's or other health concerns for people my age (Male 28yr).  What could it be?

Stage 1: (1st and 2nd day)  Small red sore always on the forearms on or near veins. Stage 2: (3rd - 5th day) The top becomes white with puss. Stage 3: (6th - 7th) The area around it inflames up to 4" Diameter. Very Painful and Red.  Stage 4: (7th - 8th) The center color returns to normal and represents a bull’s-eye. Stage 5: Cleared up with minimal scaring.


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