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Pai is for sensitive skin and hypersensitive skin and is organically healthy

Posted Oct 06 2010 7:31pm

If you have highly reactive or sensitive skin, then it is important to know exactly what is in your skin care products.

That's why all PAI products are certified organic by the Soil Association, so you can be reassured our products stand up to scrutiny.

Sensitive skin is extremely reactive and easily irritated. One in ten adults (and over 50% of Pai customers) suffer from skin sensitivity.

All Pai products are suitable for sensitive and even hyper-sensitive skin types.

You won't find "parfum" on any of PAI's ingredient lists - a term that legally allows manufacturers to include up to 200 synthetic chemicals, including phthalates, in their products without declaring them on the label.

Pai was the first skin care company to list all ingredients in plain English, so you don't need a chemistry degree to understand what's in the bottle.


Unlike many brands on the market, which commission factories to both formulate and manufacture their products, PAI has it's own in-house R&D lab and manufacturing facility.

That means each and every Pai Skincare product is unique and the result of our own hard work, dedicated research and rigorous testing.

Their professional team of formulation chemists are constantly sourcing and testing new natural-active ingredients so they can develop high performance products without compromising on purity.



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