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Over the Counter Scar Therapy Recommendations

Posted Feb 21 2011 10:30am

As I perform Scar Revision surgery and deal with scar treatment not infrequently, people ask about over the counter scar treatments. Do any of them work?

As we have discussed before scar healing occurs in phases and treatment to minimize scars should only be done after the wound is closed and without scabbing. If you have had surgery, you should ask your surgeon when the best time to begin scar therapy has arrived. I like early treatment once the wound has achieved early healing.

I have used some of these products with my own wounds particularly after I had my triceps repaired a few years ago. The silicone sheeting products tend to be my favorites here as they do not make a mess and can be re-used. They also cover the scar keeping it away from sunlight. Let’s look at a few:

Curad Scar Therapy: I used some of these after that triceps surgery. They were comfortable and caused no skin irritation.

Scar Away 7 inch sheets: another brand I have not tried that is available in longer sheets for longer scars.

Scar Away in the more common 3 inch sheets

Silicone sheeting needs to be worn at least several hours a day for months to have an effect. It is best early in the scar’s maturation and does not seem to help with keloid scars. The related hypertrophic scars can be improved however.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD


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