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Need help, thought it was lice, but the rid Nix Permethrin isn't working?

Posted by Mike

I have am a bald man with microscopic white parasites on the scalp. At first went the lice(and various types) First started in ear, then spread, I have done the Nix, Rid, and Permethrin. This is now week 4 almost daily. They keep coming back inside of 24 hours. Cleaned house, bagged cloths, wash 130+ temps, cell phone cleaned then thrown out, I have done everything. Doesn't itch so mutch, but feel them moving. Doctors (4) are blowing me off, I used markers and the are moving. Extremely small compared to Lice pics online. I can feel on the hairs in my right ear, not left. No family history of mental illness. -- till now, I am loosing it. I had my car steamed 130+ temps, trunk, bombed my car, furniture hot steamed and left house for 3 days, they keep popping up around sundown 5-6 PM and again around 11-12PM. When I was gone, with all brand new cloths, still activity. Could eggs be behind the ear drum or deeper?
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