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Name that skin condition...

Posted by scarface37

I am a 37 yr old female looking for answers.   About two years ago, I developed an area of petechiae on my right cheek.   There are about 20 tiny red spots localized within a 1" diameter.   There is no discoloration between each spot.   A few are raised very slightly, but most are completely under the skin.   The spots have not changed since the first day I noticed them.   I was not on any medication at the time they appeared, nor several months prior.   I have had no other obvious symptoms that I know of.

I went to one dermatologist who told me it was probably rosacea (as this does run in my family); however, I haven't seen ANY images of rosacea that look anything like what I have.  

I got a second opinion from another dermatologist, who told me I had discoid lupus.   Since the area in question is on my face, she did not want to do a biopsy.   She ordered lab tests that all came back normal (liver, kidneys, etc.); however, I understand that discoid lupus cannot be detected by a blood test.   Again, the pictures I have found of discoid lupus look VERY, VERY different from what I have.   She prescribed a corticosteroid cream, but I'm scared to use it because I understand that it may aggrevate rosacea... if THAT is what I have.

Any ideas?   I often sleep with my hand under my right cheek to help me breath (deviated septum).   Could that have caused petechiae?

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