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My Vitamin B5 Experiment For Treating Acne

Posted Jul 09 2009 10:11pm

The results are in for my vitamin B5 experiment. The one thing I learned through this experiment process was that I need to stop experimenting on my own body! More about THAT in the video-

I was taking 10g of Vitamin B5 a day which is a lot. I wrote an article on using Vitamin B5 for treating acne and how/why it works almost a year ago. You can read it here - How To Cure Acne With B Vitamins

At the time my skin was too clear to experiment with. But I recently had a bad breakout so I used the “opportunity” to do a B5 experiment on myself.

Will I be taking high doses of Vitamin B5 in the future? Probably not. I wasn’t that impressed with the results the first time around and it stressed me out too much taking so many tablets. When I forgot I got stressed and having to take supplements four times a day is too much hassle really. Simple is so much better!

However, if you are considering taking B5 to treat your own skin, I recommend you talk to a natural therapist first. Also take a look at that linked article I wrote AND has a great review page on their site which shows that some people have had much better luck with it than me.

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