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My sister is experiencing a rapid change in her vision, distance vision, along with some hand tremors and joint twitching. She h

Posted by marilee

She is 50 years old; she has lupus and rosacea, the cheek flaring occurs when she gets too warm, but her body temperature is out of whack. She is 5'6" 110 lbs, and is normally freezing, especially this time of year. She keeps her house at 65 degrees and isn't a bit chilly. She only sleeps with a sheet on and usually has to keep a fan on her face. Her husband is a frozen block of ice, wears a coat in the house just to stay warm. Her feet and fingers have blood pooling in them. They frequently turn dark dark purple almost black. Then if she rubs them vigorously, normal color will return only to resume the blackish color after a few minutes. She's been to multiple doctors and no one seems to know what to do with her.  Can you help?
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