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My nail polish search, Chapter 2: Success!

Posted Feb 12 2010 4:22pm

A few weeks ago I posted about my new Chanel polish and Kellie commented that she’d seen a Sally Hansen polish in what she believed was almost an exact dupe. Of course I immediately headed out to hunt down this fabulous find. After a bit of searching I managed to locate where it USED to be on an end cap at WalMart. The display was for the new Complete Salon Manicure line from Sally Hansen, and most of the colors had already sold out, including Commander in Chic, which was the color Kellie recommended. Instead I picked up a pale buttercream yellow called “Yellow Kitty”.

Normally this pale yellow wouldn’t be my type of color, but I have enough reds, pinks, and purples to last me a lifetime, so I thought I’d change it up a bit. The polish claims to be a Base Coat, Strengthener, Growth Treatment, Color, and Top Coat all in one bottle. The brush is flat and has a curved tip that I initially thought was kind of gimmicky. Turns out that the shape of the brush is actually pretty handy in covering the curve of your nail without globbing over onto your cuticles, and I really like it. The light color is more apt to streak than a darker one, but after 2 carefully applied coats I had great, even coverage. I didn’t apply a top coat before letting it dry thoroughly, and the next morning it was ready for a real challenge: My Job.
I don’t think I have ever gotten so many compliments on a nail color before. For some reason people love this creamy, springy yellow. At the end of the day I had very little wear at the tips and absolutely NO chips, quite possibly a first for me! 3 days, and only one chip, later I removed the polish because I wanted a change, and replaced it with “Fairy Teal”, from the same Sally Hansen collection. A creamy subdued teal, this was another departure from my usual color type, but also a huge hit with my coworkers and customers alike. I’m pleased to say that the same longevity was evident with this color, which leaves me fairly certain that the whole line is extremely well formulated. There are 42 colors to choose from, many of them on my wish list, though I am STILL trying to locate a bottle of Commander in Chic!

Another polish that got run through the wringer this month was my new favorite, “Ruby Pumps” from China Glaze . One glance at this beautiful red ultra glittery polish and I just HAD to own it. And with the coupon from the beauty supply store, how could I resist?! This is a well formulated glitter polish, with gallons of glitter that coats evenly and leave your nails perfectly shiny and shimmery with only two coats. I didn’t expect for this to last long, as heavy glitter colors usually chip quickly, but the pictures speak for themselves:

The first picture is after 3 days of wear. You can see that the constant changing of gloves and applying of  hand sanitizer leaves my hands an cuticles a little battered and dry, but the polish has only minimal wear at the tips and nary a chip in sight.

The second picture is the same hand after an additional 2 days. There’s significantly more wear on the tips and I doubt it would make it through another day without some serious chipping, but after 5 days I’m extremely impressed with how well it lasted. I bet it would have stayed even better if I had used a top coat to protect it!

I can rarely make it through a single day at work without major chipping of my polish. My female coworkers have been following my experiments closely since they too are looking for something that will stand up to the rigors of our job. This week I’m pleased that I can offer not one, but TWO, polishes that fit the bill!

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