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My Experiences With The Arise & Shine 28 Day Cleanse

Posted Apr 08 2010 3:49am

Cleanse and Purify ThyselfToday I’m in “post cleanse” and feeling particularly good about it. Although I know my body is still getting rid of toxins (including some mucoid plaque I passed today!), I’m incredibly happy to finally be able to eat food again. I gave myself a cleansing reward today for making it through and took myself off to the shops for some girly window shopping. I was actually surprised at my reflection when I stepped into a change room. The woman I saw looking back at me looked noticeably healthy and vibrant, which is not a thought or feeling I’ve ever had stepping into a women’s change room!

I’ve been told that this cleanse is one of the most vigorous cleanses available, so keep that in mind when you’re reading my experiences. Also please note that there are literally thousands of options for cleansing out there so you don’t have to go with the one I’ve done. You can choose something that resonates better with you. But if this one sounds like it would suit you, then I absolutely recommend it.

This time last year I was terribly afraid of detoxing. I had a bad experience with a series of 5 or 6 far infrared saunas (practically back to back) which threw me into a rather dramatic healing crisis. I had flu like symptoms, fatigue, a nasty headache and delayed ovulation for two weeks which caused a whole list of added not fun symptoms.

So sitting here today writing this blog post I’m quite surprised that I’ve just emerged out of a 28 day cleanse, and one of the most vigorous cleanses at that. If it wasn’t for the continual encouragement and support from my friend who’s already been through five Arise And Shines to date, I doubt I would have even considered this cleansing process to being with. It also helped a lot listening to another persons story in detail - finding out what their cleansing experiences were, what came out of them and how it improved their life.

Which brings me to a few important topics that I’d like to talk about with my own detoxing journey…

The first two weeks were really easy

My cleansing fear was completely blown out of the water with the first two weeks of the detox. For the first two weeks I ate two meals a day plus as much fresh organic fruit and vegetable juice as I wanted so I never felt hungry. The food was also 100% raw which I love and have a lot of fun with so even though acid forming foods and salt were out over the cleanse, I still enjoyed the process of looking for recipes and preparing food. An activity that I now realize I get a considerable amount of pleasure from.

Apart from a short healing crisis after the first few days (brought on by misreading the instructions and taking too many herbs!), I really didn’t feel like I was detoxing because it all felt a little bit too easy.

The most difficult part was remembering to take the herbs and the shake at the correct times. You need to do something just about every 1.5 hours during the day. I guess it also helped a lot that I work from home. Whenever I did find myself out for longer than three hours I would start to panic that I’d missed my times! So I started to carry a detoxing pack around with me which included herbs, water, bentonite clay and psyllium husks.

Juice fasting is challenging for my Vata body

According to Ayurvedic medicine I have a vata-pitta constitution, leaning significantly more towards the vata. This means I have to be really careful when I’m on a raw food diet because raw foods can be vata aggravating. To alleviate this “problem” what I need to do is make sure I eat plenty of good fats like nuts, avocados and healthy oils. When I go 100% raw this works quite well for me, so the first part of the cleanse was relatively easy to stay grounded with the addition of these foods, even though the coconuts and avocados can slow down the cleansing process a little.

The problem arose when I could only eat one meal in the third week, then juice only in the last week. With the heavier foods gone, I began to have more difficult calming down my mind. My thoughts became more erratic and I was spacey a lot. When I didn’t spent enough time out in the garden bare foot or doing light exercise it got considerably worse. My poor boyfriend suffered the brunt of it as the emotional toxins came out I turned into a bit of a moody bitch. It was kind of like PMT on overdrive.

It’s actually so interesting how today (day 1 post cleanse) has felt so vastly different emotionally. I have been able to eat three meals today and I’ve included plenty of coconut flesh, avocado and oils. I even threw in a steamed potato for some extra grounding. It has felt like such an incredible relief to finally land back onto planet earth and be more even keeled with my emotions. I honestly had no idea that food could affect my emotional state that much. Of course I was aware of the possibility and even joked about it, but you never really know what it’s like until you experience it.

However, I don’t want these negative experiences to taint your own view on detoxing and possibly stop you from doing your own future cleansing…

I now fully appreciate the importance of cleansing the body

What I also wasn’t prepared for was the shift in my “body” on a physical, emotional and energetic level. As the days trickled by each day came with a new feeling and a new experience. I learned more about myself than I imagined I would. I felt a closer connection to the divine, I’ve begun to see energy colours and lights stronger than I have since I was a child, and still now I can close my eyes and very easily and quickly get in tune with the flow of energy within and around my body.

Even my yoga sessions felt deeper and more satisfying. Unfortunately I didn’t do enough yoga and meditation but I know to build up and prepare for that next time around. I don’t even have an excuse for not doing it especially when it felt so amazing. Perhaps something bigger than my understanding of the situation is going on there so I’ll need to sit with it and reflect on it for a while :)

I also began to feel lighter and cleaner on the inside. In the first three weeks the acne that came out didn’t bother me because I knew it was just toxins purging out and that it would pass. Unfortunately I am left with a few spots on post cleanse day which I am now getting concerned about but these are likely cleansing pimples which will pass too. And if they stay, at least I can test more products out on myself for you!

But what really made me appreciate the importance of cleansing was the amount of mucoid plaque that came out of me. After the two week mark it just seemed to keep coming and coming. It came to a rather dramatic finale with days 27 and 28 of the cleanse which left me purging what I felt like was half my body weight in toxins! I woke up on day 27 with a sore and gurgling belly which continued to be a day spent mostly on the toilet. That afternoon I did a colonic and coffee enema and continue to release toxins from my body well into the last day. It was truly amazing.

So just because I’m very healthy now doesn’t mean my body has been able to get rid of past toxins. I’ve eaten meat and dairy for most of my life, drank alcohol almost daily for close to ten years before I gave it up, drank plenty of chemical filled tap water, non-organic foods and I’ve had my fair share of pharmaceutical medications and a few other occasional substances which I won’t mention in the blog.

And of course there are the emotional toxins which just may be more toxic to the body than the food we put into our mouthes. Actually I’m quite sure of that. AND on top of all that, we have to factor in environmental toxins such as the polluted air we breath, the toxins in the carpets, paint, wall paper, cars, computers, etc etc. There are so many toxins and pollutants in our environment from so many difference avenues. Unless we live remotely in the forrest away from all “things” and we only eat the organic wild foods grown in the forrest ..oh and we’re completely happy and emotionally toxic free ..can we maybe say that we don’t particularly need to cleanse. But the rest of us certainly do. And cleanse on and off for most of our lives.

Take for example my house mate who did the cleanse with me. She is nine years younger than me and sailed through with ease. She stopped drinking alcohol at the age of 20 (that gave her two legal drinking years in Australia), has never smoked, is a vegetarian, and grew up next to the beach. It was noticeable how different our experiences were. Part of that does have to do with our different constitutions, but a large part of it is due to the fact that her body just was a lot cleaner than mine to begin with. So my advice to you - start in your twenties!

If you are considering a cleanse or detox I can’t recommend it highly enough. Your body, mind and spirit will love you so much for it. You’ll be able to feel more, smell more, taste more ..and get rid of so many of those little niggling ailments that you haven’t been able to previously shift, not matter what health modality you’ve tried to use. And this of course includes acne. Cleansing did make me realize how close the connection to the toxins in our body (and especially our colons) are linked to the health of our skin. The more cleansing you do, the better your skin will look for it. It may get worse before it gets better as the toxins come out, but the point is that it will get better. And that’s so worth it.

For more information about the Arise And Shine detox, check it out here .

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