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My daughter has a rash starting on the back of her knee. She also has rash spots in her groin area and upper thighs. The rash lo

Posted by haydinsmommy

To my knowledge it isn't a food alergy. She has not eaten anything that she hasn't had before and never had a reaction.
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I dont know what it is; could be fleas, bed bugs or laundry detergent causing it.  I have same thing and its better because of daily scrubs with antibacterial soap-- rinse well and dry on a freshly laundered towel.  Rub area down in all vegetable crisco shortening.  Repeat daily.  Crisco is pure and all vegetable.  There is no wax, chemicals, perfume or animal fat as there is in many things sold on the market including popular cold creams.  I use it at night to remove makeup and it clears up a multitude of problems.  Also I use mineral oil (laxative oil)  and tissue to remove eye makeup/  It nourishes the delicate skin around the eye and prevents wrinkling.  God Bless
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