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My amazing 8 year old rat terrier is suffering from polymyocitis and a vascular auto immune disease eating away her ears.

Posted by Alex

My dog underwent 5 hrs. of major surgery after being mauled. Suvived miraculously  6 months later developed polymiocitis after being given Remedyl for a slight limp from jumping off of the bed. Doctor said the auto immune could have been triggered by the controversial anit-inflamitant (we didn't know about the side effects)  or caused from all the meds and trauma of the original attack. She has been on prednisone and Cyclosporin ever since. Now she has a terrible vascular auto immune disease eating away her ears. No topical or oral treatment has really worked and they are taling about surgically removing the tops of her ears. She has been through so much..We hate to put her under and have her go through more of that. Any suggestions? She's on all kinds of vitamins, fish oil, milkthistle, flax seed, colostrum, etc.
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