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Miscellaneous Questions

Posted Feb 04 2010 12:00am

I do far more than my fair share of answering questions at other internet venues in addition to the blog here. There are some things I can’t answer though as part of figuring out what ails you is looking at you and examining you. We can’t do that on the internet very well.

Here are a few questions that were sent my way today:

(1) My son has a small hard and slightly painful lump below his skin on his upper arm. Its about the size of a pea.

There is no question here. I can’t examine it so I can’t tell you what it is anyway. Get him to his doctor to have it examined.

(2) I get a sharp pricking in my arms sometimes that itches like mad and gets worse if I scratch it. It drives my crazy. Any ideas?

You are probably allergic to something. Figure out what and remove it from your skin care regimen.

(3) What happened to my lips?

I have no idea.

(4) I have tiny clear blisters above my lip what kind of blisters are they?

This could be anything from a cold sore to something worse.

I am a plastic surgeon and tend to answer things within my area of expertise subject to the limitations of the internet, the information provided and my time. Most of these questions are general medicine type things and give me little with which to work.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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