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Mel Gibson Girlfriend’s Breast Implants Rant

Posted Jul 13 2010 10:00am

During one of the rants currently attributed to Mel Gibson against his ex-girlfriend and baby mama Oksana Grigorieva, the man though to be Mel (Mel?) says several things of interest:

Mel? …Because you are doing something…trying to breast feed with fuckin’ foreign bodies in you. Is that it?

Oksana: That has nothing to do with it.

Mel? Oh it had nothing to do with it. The fact that you had foreign bodies in you?

Oksana: Correct.

Mel? OK good. So you are not lying to me about fake tits?

Oksana: I’ve never lied.

Mel? Yes. You said they weren’t. You fucking lied to me.

Oksana: What? I didn’t.

It is funny that the man who might be Mel likely didn’t seem to mind much (about whether or not the breasts were implanted) when he was involved with Ms Grigorieva. Now that he and she have split, he is trying to give her some crap about breasts that he was probably pretty damn happy about less than a year earlier.

I have seen this a few times over the years. It is not all that unusual. It hints that Oksana probably had a pretty good breast implant operation as Mel might have not been able to tell originally. It also tells us that if that is Mel on the tapes he needs serious help.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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