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lumps under skin

Posted by lizzeypoo

I have 5 brown/grey spots in my skin, not like moles tho. The skin on these spots is dry. under each spot i have a lump. I have had 3 of these for a couple years, the other 2 are quite newer (few months). any ideas what this could be? I hav e a fear of doctors so i am reluctant to go see one.
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I have a some brownish grayish spots with small bumps under them as well. I have 4 on my hip, not painful in anyway, just not pretty. Recently I have a new one. Since it's just under my hip bone, where clothing is the tightest on me, I think it's from A clogged up pore or something like that. I have tried sqeezing the spots like a pimple, and a black-head zit like puz came out. Those spots have healed over without the bump, but I have a scar there. Still not pretty. But I feel more comfortable now. If you feel up to it, try exploring it. If you can puncture the bump while holding it in place, see if anything comes out. What's the worst that can happen? You bleed a little. And yes, doctors can be scary. But I feel like it's your body, be your own doctor if you can.

Unfortunately fear or no fear of doctors it's crucial that you have these lumps checked out by a doctor.  Although a forum like this is helpful, I'd recommend you find the source of the lumps and then ask for feedback.  Since no one on these forums can visually see or touch the lumps there is no way for anyone to give you advice or a diagnosis.  The hope is that it is nothing to be concerned about.  If indeed there is a problem, prolonging a correct diagnosis impedes your chances for a good outcome.

Get a friend or family member to accompany you to the doctor.  If you don't have a doctor you like ask for referrals from friends and family.  When you visit the doctor be sure to make the doctor aware of your aversion to medical providers, they tend to be a bit more gentle with skiddish patients.  Give yourself every opportunity for health and happiness and get to a physician.

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