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Lump filled with pus and blood on my inner thighs..

Posted by zindzi21

I've been getting these lumps on either side of my innner thigh. they sart outas little bumps then they grow bigger and wider then become hard. When i try to popo them lumpy pus comes out and then blood follows. after that they SLOWY go away but it leaves a dark mar/scar. Ive been gettig the for years since i was 11 or 12 now i sixteen almost 17 and i still have them. They are worse than they used to be when was younger.. HELP ME!!!

 ohh im a woman btw ^_^

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trust me they are worst and painful, i got it operated

It sounds like an abscess. You should see a doctor about those. My husband has that problem and turns out he has a staph infection. He's on antibiotics, but those haven't helped so far. Try and avoid popping them. If there is an infection, popping them will spread the infection to other parts of your body. A doctor could drain it for you, or with time, it'll probably drain itself. While it's draining, it's ok to cover it with gauze or a bandage. Bathe daily using an anti-bacterial soap and change your linens frequently. Also, if you have diabetes, you will be more prone to getting abscesses.

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