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Long Hair = Acne!!

Posted by Ben S.

Why does my acne get worse the longer my hair gets?
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Oils. I'm curious how often you wash your hair and what type of shampoo you are using to wash it. Your acne might be getting worse for two reasons: 1. You are not washing your hair enough and since your hair is longer, it's picking up more oil and residue that flip into your face (remember your sexy hair flip?) and dirty your skin, causing clogged pores and acne. 2. You are allergic to the shampoo that you are using and the long hair is causing more contact with your face. Your "acne" may in fact be an allergic reaction. Consider switching up your shampoo to something hypo-allergenic.
The oil in your hair is causing you to break out so you should wash your hair consistently. It carries more dirt and oil so you are more likely to breakout. Especially if the hair is in your face 24/7. Use shampoo's with no strong scents if allergic or a shampoo that's hypoallergenic. Also try not to wear your hair down a lot unless it's away from your face.

More heat and moisture containment near the skin surface means more oil and more debris plugging your pores; that translates to more acne.



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