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Liposuction- The Truth

Posted Mar 21 2011 10:30am

I get hassled about my take on liposuction gimmicks once in a while. To some other doctors in Orange County, it is as if I am pissing on the very thing that makes your local plastic surgeon a living.

While I reserve the right to poke fun at what I see as the myriad of liposuction gimmicks out there , the main point is that liposuction can be a good procedure in the right patient. Whether or not the “newer and better” liposuction modalities (Smart Lipo, Vaser, Aqualipo and the like,) are really any better is debatable.

As liposuction modifications have been marketed with more hyperbole than seen in a late Billy May’s commercial, people have begun to think of these trademarked systems in progressively more unrealistic terms. Americans are suckers for technology and the marketing types know it.

A related problem is that liposuction is used in many patients for whom it is not the best idea. This again has more to do with liposuction becoming a commodity as opposed to an operation.

The Bottom Line:

Liposuction is best for people with relatively stable weight who have fatty deposits that remain despite diet and exercise. It is not a weight loss procedure but rather a body contouring operation. Some areas are more treatable than others. The skill and judgment of the surgeon are pivotal in the outcome regardless of the system used.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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