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Liposuction : The Honest Truth

Posted Jul 07 2010 7:30am

Frequently patients who have received liposuction care elsewhere find my practice or the blog here and e-mail. The points of confusion are usually issues regarding the qualifications of their former doctor and expectations of their result.

Who Can Do Liposuction Surgery?

Anyone who can get you to sign up….yeah really. There are no laws against practitioners trained in nearly any specialty performing liposuction. Doctors of differing backgrounds will have different technical skill in the surgery and will likely charge differing amounts for the service. Their philosophies will also likely be different. If a doctor only offers liposuction, he or she will probably perform it on anyone and everyone. There are practices of non-plastic surgeons who offer lipo to people to whom I would not. That is just a fact.

Can I Use Liposuction to Lose Weight?”

Practically speaking, liposuction is not a good way to lose weight. It is a contouring procedure best used on people with good skin tone meaning elastic non-droopy skin. You are better off having lipo when your weight is in a stable range…plus or minus a few pounds.

Will the Fat I Have Removed Ever Come Back?”

The fat cells you have removed are very unlikely to return, but you can fill the remaining fat cells up more. The is a technical point not frequently stressed by the shady outfits that advertise their liposuction services. This is why doing lipo is not weight loss. You need to use diet and exercise as well. Lipo can be good for areas resistant to diet and exercise.

Can New Liposuction technologies like Smart Lipo Tighten Skin? Are They Worth The Extra Money?

Not really. I have performed laser-assisted Liposuction, Smart Lipo and Ultrasound-assisted Lipo. After trying these differing technologies, I have returned to wet liposuction (a variant of tumescent lipo,) because I see the same results with less BS. I do not push BS.

Will a Plastic Surgeon Ever Tell A Patient “No?”

One who has integrity will and he or she is the one you want.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD


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