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Liposuction in Children?

Posted Mar 17 2009 2:34am
Modern Medicine

Nevertheless, the indication for using liposuction in children and adolescents is in essence the same as in adults, namely remodeling or sculpting areas of the body where fat deposits are in disharmony or disproportion to the rest of the general physique of the patient.

Good reasons are pretty rare in children of course depending upon what you consider a reasonable use of liposuction. The standard may be different in different countries or communities.

Some of these atypical indications for liposuction include post-traumatic lipoma, post-traumatic asymmetry, lipodystrophy regardless of the etiology, adiposis dolorosa or Dercum syndrome and Klinefelter syndrome," Dr. Berenguer says.

Lipodystrophy regardless of etiology means fatty problems regardless of reason. In this country, that reason would be looked at with jaundiced eyes.

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John Di Saia MD
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