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"Liposuction and Fat Returned" question from my forum

Posted Aug 01 2005 12:00am

Another question posted by a surfer at my forum board raises a common liposuction issue:

Liposuction does not make you thinner by itself.

Question Posted 7/30
I had abdominal liposuction in Los Angeles last year. Almost all the fat has returned to my entire trunk area. The Dr that performed to procedure did not advise me on how to eat or diet. What can I do now? I paid $4500 last June do I have to do it all over again or is there something else that would help my abdominal area? Please help!!

An Answer:

Technically, the fat doesn’t “return.” The cells that were removed during surgery do not come back. Common thought is that new fat cells are not produced in the body after a patient’s twenties. You can however fill the fat cells that remain after surgery with more fat depending upon diet, exercise and your metabolism.

If you are looking for liposuction to take away your need to watch your diet and exercise levels, think again. In conjunction with sensible diet and exercise, it is a procedure with a very high satisfaction rate.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

BTW – Plastic surgeons rarely counsel you on eating or diet. This is not part of the considered norm for liposuction surgery.


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