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Lichen Planus

Posted by Judy

I am 58 and recently diagnosed with rosacea, sebaceous dermatitis and now oral lichen planus and I noticed my nails have ridges which I had though was age related, but may be related to the lichen. While non of these are very advanced, I must say I feel like I am disintegrating bit by bit and it is very stressful.

I have modified my diet to eliminate sugars and white flours hoping by doing so I will be reducing inflammation. I haven't eaten red meats for years and I try hard to minimize salts and fats.

The doctor has prescribed a gel the rosacea, a cream for the dermatitis and a gel for the lichen planus. I'm not object to using medications when necessary, but I would really like to exhaust any natural solution there might be.

Can you recommend any additional changes I could make?




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