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Large Fake Breast Implants…Desirable?

Posted Jan 25 2011 10:30am

I found this gal’s image on, a forum dedicated to really large “fake looking” breast implants. By report, she had 1000 cc implants and was looking for larger. She is slender and the rest of her seems in great shape. Obviously she works out quite a bit.

The question is whether or not this size is ever desirable and/or worth the risk. As we have discussed here, more gals with larger implants will have problems and end up looking poorly over time relative to patients with smaller implants. Interesting in the perfectboobs forum is the desire by some to obtain the “fake” appearance that many other women seek to avoid. Some of the posters at that forum even like rippling, a sign resident plastic surgeons are taught to avoid by limiting implant size.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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