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Kind Living Raw Vegan Cafe Is Now Open In Maleny!!!

Posted May 15 2011 3:33am

I’ve just spent a long weekend in Maleny for my sisters wedding which was perfect timing because a brand new raw vegan cafe recently opened up in the area. Two nights in Maleny meant I was blessed with the chance to spend time connecting with the rainforrest and eating plenty of delightful raw food at the cafe.

Kind Living cafe is not completely raw which I always like in a raw food cafe because it allows space for those who are new or in the transitional stage to raw food. But around 50% of the menu was raw which was super exciting for me. Raw food establishments are few and far between in Australia so it’s always a big deal for me when they open up.

The menu was good – simple enough to not overwhelm with enough variety to keep my four visits interesting. The cafe is open for breakfast and lunch which I loved because I’ve missed not being able to eat out and eat raw for breakfast. The chia oatmeal which is the only raw item on the breakfast menu was divine. I’ve had plenty of raw porridge in raw restaurants in the US so I was expecting something way too sweet, much like dessert. But Kind Living did a great job! Theirs was just sweet enough to taste heavenly without feeling like I’d overdone it with the sugar. It also had a lovely subtle cinnamon flavor too which is great for breaky.

Lunch had the option of a raw soup, a couple of salads, or four more “gourmet” style raw dishes. I tried their kelp noodles, nori rolls and one of their salads. My favorite was definitely the kelp noodles.. it was cheesy and delicious and came with a generous serving of salad. The sizing was perfect too, just enough to fill me up without taking me over the edge.

The salad was okay but not too exciting. It’s tough to beat some of the creative raw salads I’ve had in the past! They also had a few drinks on the menu, a couple of milkshake style smoothies and some juice blends. I had a green juice which was great – not at all sweet which is how I prefer my green drinks. I also tried their vanilla milkshake which was just lovely, I could easily have had five of these in a row.

And of course I had to try one of their raw cakes too. I tried their chocolate pecan torte which was definitely up there as one of the yummiest raw desserts I’ve had. Not a big fan of what I thought was a cashew cream on the side. It would have been nicer to see a smoother and sweeter almond or cashew cream.

Kind Living is in its early stages of development so it is going through a little teething. While every single staff member I interacted with was happy and lovely, they did get a couple of important things wrong with my order. At breakfast I ordered a cacao mocha on nut milk which came out as a cappuccino (with coffee). I think the staff may have been a little confused with their own menu because even though it’s called a “mocha” this drink isn’t supposed to come with any coffee. The next day I ordered the same drink and asked for no coffee added in and was told it doesn’t come with coffee and it also came out as twice the size of the first one I had. Good thing is, the real cacao mocha is delicious so please order it if you’re there, especially on a cold or rainy day. The problem however with my order getting mucked up was my paranoia that my drinks were coming out with cows milk and not nut milk. They do offer a cow milk alternative so if you want nut milk like me, then it’s probably best to make sure you let them know when ordering and double check when the drink is delivered then hope for the best.

It’d also be good to see more love and community in their kitchen. At my last meal there I sat next to the kitchen and could feel a little stressful energy coming out. My favorite raw cafe which is a beautiful community cafe in Sedona, Arizona, has been made my favorite because of that community aspect. The staff work there because they love the people and they love the food. There is a crystal room and affirmations written on the water bottles. It’s these little things that make a huge difference to the atmosphere of a cafe, especially when we’re talking high vibrational food like raw because many of us are eating raw predominantly for our own spirituality more-so than our health.

I was also surprised to see white sugar on the tables. It would have been better to have something like honey or coconut palm sugar.

But overall I absolutely loved the cafe. I’m sad that Kind Living is in Maleny and not Brisbane while I’m settled here for the next five weeks. I enjoyed every meal that I had there and loved the option of sitting outside in the sun to eat. One of the most difficult things about being high raw is the lack of options to eat out which I feel even more working on my own because I’m often heading out with my macbook to work in cafes. If Kind Living was in Brisbane, I’d absolutely be there with my macbook every day of the week.

If you’re in Maleny or passing through, I highly recommend you drop in for a meal or two. Here is their Facebook page which you can check out for more info. They also offer a “to go” option so you can do what I did – eat there for one meal then get food to go for later. It was great to have a raw meal prepared and waiting for me after a hike!

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