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Kelly Bensimon / Breast Implant Contracture Story

Posted Apr 22 2009 11:17pm 1 Comment
The Dirty/pics

This is Kelly Bensimon from The Real Housewives of New York… AKA worst cougar refund gap EVER. Her +2’s obviously hate each other and are making a break for it!

These implanted breasts look like 10 - 20 year old "over the muscle" silicone types that are begging for a redo. Get those capsules removed please and remove and/or replace the implants. It hurts me looking at them. (They can be painful when they get this bad.)

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD


Dr D's "What Do I Do With These Old Breast Implants?"
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She doesn't necessarily deserve to be thrown off a cliff, or to be fed to bears, but maybe she should spar with Mike Tyson.  At any rate, this vacuous cad from Real Housewives of New York is going to be appearing in Playboy.  The pictures are old – they were taken some years ago by her then husband, fashion designer/photographer and ELLE Magazine founder, Giles Bensimon.  The name of the show is a misnomer, as Kelly is actually gainfully employed.  (The people on the show are rotten – but most of them have jobs.)  One wonders if Kelly Bensimon needs some hard money loans.

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