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Juvederm Injections - Restore Youthful Contours to the Skin

Posted Oct 28 2010 7:15pm

Aging skin is prone to develop fine lines and wrinkles with the loss of volume and elasticity. In recent times pollution and sun exposure have added to the woes of premature aging that affects the skin in an adverse manner. The good news is that there are quite a few scientific treatment procedures to combat these effects of premature aging. Juvederm injections can restore youthful contours to the skin and make you look young and radiant again.


Juvederm Natural Filler to Control Wrinkles


Collagen content and hyaluronic acid present in the skin gives it volume and elasticity. These begin to diminish as we age and the skin develops wrinkles and folds. Juvederm has been created scientifically with this in mind. Juvederm filler is made up of mainly hyaluronic acid in a gel form which helps the skin to regain the lost elasticity and become taut and young again. Even the volume increases and the skin looks youthful with beautiful contours.


Juvederm Filler Suits All Skin Types and Can Produce Desirable Contours


Treatment includes filling dermal filler with the wonder gel, Juvederm, in the right proportion. This is then injected using a very fine needle in the skin areas to be treated. The gel spreads very easily and is quickly absorbed by the skin. This is a totally non-invasive procedure with no telltale marks. Juvederm treatment is safe for all types of skin as it consists of natural material. In fact even skin tests for allergies are not required for this treatment. With this treatment it is possible to contour the skin by adding volume to desired areas.


Juvederminjections restore youthful contours to the skin and help the skin look young and fresh again. The natural treatment effect lasts for about six months and can be reinforced when required.

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