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Itchy Rash starting on arms. help

Posted by stclist111

Never had this before, Started this winter, I'm in Michigan. A itchy rash on my arm. Started in one small area on my forarm ,redden bumpy, blochy area that spread a little to my upper arm. Its acting like poison ivy, now its starting on my other arm, same area. I have been washing it alot, putting different creams, and also using rubbing alcohol at times. Nothing, still the same. Seems to be spreading at a slow rate. And only itchy at times, not all the time. I used to have a serious scalp problem years ago, that went away when I kept my hair very short. I don't have a job now and no health insurance, and just finished a bankruptcy so I really don't want to create a hospital bill.  Does anyone have any ideas or home cures. 
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