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Itchy rash in armpits

Posted by db12345

About a week ago my armpits started itching really bad. I did use a scented deodorant that day which I have used for a while in the past. But it was the first time I had used scented in about a week. I switched back to the unscented deodorant and didn't shave for a few days, used Vaseline to moisturize at night because it was the only way to stop the itching and sprayed with antifungal (athelete's foot) spray some mornings. I finally shaved my armpits last night and this morning a ring of rash was starting to develop a few inches outside of my armpit. By tonight it's a pretty solid ring around both armpits. I'm now putting some hydrocortisone cream on them, but so far it's only getting worse.

Advice? What could this be?
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