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itchy hand blisters help !?

Posted by some_dude27k

Hello, ive developed some itchy hand blisters, they come on and off. Before it used to be only the top surface of my right hand, but now its hit the left hand. The blisters always stay on the top surface of the hand. Ive gone to the doctor and he said it might have been poison ivy and gave me some cream for it. But ive had it now for almost 2 years. This recent breakout ive had has been the worst. The blisters are all bunched up and really itch. The only relieve i get from the itchiness is applying warm water to them. ive looked online for similar symptoms everywhere. Everything from Diabetes, to hand dermititis, to scabies, and even stds'. The closest thing i cant think of is psoriasis but the blisters always appear in my hands and stay there. Any type of help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. -pete
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