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itchy, burning rash between my buttocks and below my vagina.

Posted by bette

it is difficult to see but my fingers can detect small bumps. it started yesterday below the vagina and reminded me of bacterial vaginosis, but overnight it has spread only externally and rectally and feels now more like a purely external rash, rather painful. i don't  have any of the difficulty peeing that i associate with vaginal infections.

 the two days before i had some spotting, and a lot of egg-whitey discharge. Both these symptoms have been common over the last few months as i adjust to an IUD, but i am concerned because after my last check-up, the doctor prescribed me antibiotics for a mild BV infection, suggesting that it might be complicating the adjustment period. despite clearing up that infection, i have continued to have occasional extra spotting and constant discharge. my random cramps have diminished, however.

in general, i frequently get yeast infections and UTIs, and since getting the IUD i have taken probiotic and cranberry supplements along with a multivitamin. over the last few months that seems to have helped and i have  had only one noticeable infection, the mild BV + yeast. but, as above, i have constant thick, smelly discharge andthe IUD adjusment process is going on 5 months now.

 i don't know if this rash is related to the rest of the problems down there or if it is entirely separate. it will be a couple days till i can see any provider, and then only a burnt-out public welfare professional who doesn't know me personally. what should i do in the meantime? what should i ask when i get to a professional?

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