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Is Your Acne Making You Anxious or Depressed?

Posted Dec 25 2008 3:25pm

A sad girl When my skin was bad I used to think that as soon as I cleared my acne then I’d be happy. I somehow managed to blame any unhappiness I had on my blemished skin, which doesn’t sound logical at all now that I’m writing it down. But in the midst of despair when I was staring at my skin in the mirror and thinking how ugly I looked, it seemed as though clear skin was the only answer to my eternal happiness.

This is of course not always true, and in my case it certainly wasn’t. As soon as I cleared my skin I managed to transfer my negative thoughts and emotions onto another problem. And when that problem went away, I found something else to be depressed about.

I now realize how important it is to acknowledge the emotional and psychological side of having acne, and realize that perhaps much of that emotional anguish is caused by an underlying issue that’s manifesting itself into a side effect of your current condition.

Two nights ago it all came to a breaking point for me and I had my first ever panic attack. I’ve always suffered from mild anxiety but I’ve never had a panic attack before. I used to think that people who had panic attacks were being big babies about them, and surely they’re not as bad as everybody makes them out to be. Until I actually had one, thought I was dying and asked my flat mate to take me to the hospital (luckily he was experienced in such events and helped to calm me down instead of taking me to the emergency room).

I panicked because of a bunch of ordinary problems in my life (like everybody has), that all put together with extreme lack of sleep felt like really big deal. Really, why I panicked is irrelevant. I just wanted to write about it to first help you understand that if you suffer from anxiety and panic you’re not alone - a lot of us do too. And to encourage you to start acknowledging any depressive thoughts and feelings you may be having about your skin and realize that perhaps they may not be solely about your skin.

You may find that when you start working on your overall stress levels and your happiness, that not only your acne goes away but your toxic thoughts and feelings go away with it, instead of sticking around like mine did.

I’ve already included information in my mini-course and acne treatment guide about the importance of being happy and stress free. But I want to elaborate on this point a lot more because I now realize how significant it actually is.

In the new year I’ll be talking more about working towards being stress free and happy, and as I work towards a anxiety free life, I’ll be blogging about my experiences and hopefully making some discoveries that I can pass onto you.

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