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Is Xylitol A Safe Sugar Alternative?

Posted May 17 2010 11:31pm

I’ve been using xylitol on and off for a number of years now, ever since my ex-boyfriend read an article about it in Nexus magazine that recommended it as a safe and beneficial sweetener.

But I’ve always been turned off by its appearance. It looks so much like it has been through some form of heavy processing. Certain brands also have a bit of a chemical after-taste which has completely turned me off.

So when I started the Rainbow Green Candida cleanse a couple of weeks ago (which allows for absolutely no sweet flavors except for xylitol and stevia) I gave in again and bought another pack.

It’s important to note here that I trust Dr Gabriel Cousens a lot. He’s a medical doctor, psychiatrist and a long time raw foodie among many other things . He runs the Tree Of Life Rejuvenation Centre in Arizona (US) which has healed a lot of people from a heap of ailments, most notably diabetes.

So when I found a video clip of Dr Cousens talking about xylitol, of course it sparked up my interest. It’s definitely worth a watch if you want to learn more about xylitol from the perspective of someone who’s heavily immersed in both conventional and alternative medicines.

I’ve also heard that the famous Manhattan raw food restaurant Quintessence is now using xylitol to replace agave in their food. This is huge because I trust their decision a lot too. By the way, if you’re ever in Manhattan please have a meal at Quintessence! I’ll be spending a lot of time there when I visit New York later in the year.

Smart Sweet xylitolIf you do decide to purchase xylitol, please make sure you look for one that says “not from corn” or something similar on the packaging. Some xylitols are derived from the cob of corn which is not the healthiest form. The good xyltiols are derived from Birch trees.

Different xylitols also have different flavors. A good brand of xylitol won’t have that strong chemical taste. The best brand on the market from what I can gather through research is Smart Sweet which is readily available in the US but not here in Australia.

To be honest, I don’t aspire to being a long time xylitol user. I much prefer to sweeten with something more natural like fresh dates, raisons, honey or maple syrup. However, while following a low sugar cleanse like I’m on now, or if you wish to cut down your sugar intake then xylitol seems to be a good alternative.

And for those strict raw foodies out there, it’s also important to note that xylitol is not raw.

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