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is there such a thing as chronic folliculitis? How do you get rid of folliculitis?

Posted by cake

I had 4 small red water bumps (the kind that are really itchy, and when opened a small amount of watery stuff comes out).  After I itched them they didn't heal though.  They opened, and left a small round hole in the center that never healed.  Now, months later, I have a round raised sore where they were, that is red around the outside edge, and has a circle of white, dead skin in the center.  When I remove the dead skin in the middle there is an unhealed hole underneath. 

 I have tried antifungal creams, antibiotic ointments, tried leaving them alone and uncovered, tried opening up the center and putting on the creams/ointments then putting on bandaids...  Nothing works...  How do I get rid of this???

If it is folliculitis complicated by MRSA, could I pass it on to my family?  shouldn't my derm have done a biopsy since I have had it so long, and nothing is working?  He said something about chronic scarring and said to see a plastic surgeon...  problem is there is still an open sore there???   Help!

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