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Is there any kind of cure for nail atrophy?? I can't find ANYTHING on the internet about how to cure or treat it. Help!

Posted by Charlotte1017

My big toenail has been getting progressively smaller and smaller over the past 6+ years.  It only grows so big and then it breaks and it's very thin.  Not to mention, the nail bed grows in with ridges in it that are horozontal and shaped like a rainbow.  How can I do something!  I have for many years worn an acrylic nail on that toe, but that has led to fungal infections due to my natural nail not being able to "breathe", and now it has gotten so thin that the faux nail is surely couter-productive to my natural nail's ability to heal.  Is there any kind of topical cream that can Tbe rubbed into the cuticle and TRULY strengthen and thicken my nail?  What about oral vitamin supplments?  ANY help, would be greatly appreciated.  I hate this condition of mine, it is so embarrassing and I don;t know what to do...
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