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Is there a natural cure for Malignant Melanoma?

Posted by Deperate for a Natural Cure

I have been diagnose with Malignant Melanoma after 23 years of trying to get a doctore to take me seriously about it. They told me I needed mental therapy and that I was worried about nothing.

Now I have had two biopsies after near shouting insistently to take me serious. The first from a  General Doctor came back as Malignant Melanoma Class 2 Spreading. I went last week to a different doctor (Dermotologist) and they did two biopsies in different areas near the first. I am awaiting results. They charged me far more then they had quoted me in the beginning and are telling me I have to have a large disfiguring surgical removal done.

This doctor cut me so deeply and removed a natrual mole I have had my whole life and I feel that was in error. Now I am experiencing incredible pain in that area and do not want to go under the knife again on July 28, which is the date they scheduled this mutilating surgery.

I can't take it. I don't believe it is as bad as they are saying. Please help me!!!

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