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Is the rash on my skin eczema or something else?

Posted by nabisme

i have itchy bumps all over, mostly on my legs and arms. i thought it was scabies but my doctor said it looked like eczema of some sort so he gave me steroid creme but its still itching and it only goes away in some spots. now i am itchy on the inside of my arm. it was itchy for the slightest bit of time, it went away almost immediately, but i was left with bruises. my friend also said that my arm looks like eczema but my legs look like scabies because shes had both, so idk. also, everywhere else the bumps stay, my whole left arm is covered and seems to still be spreading. nobody else in my household is itching so i suppose it couldnt be scabies but i dont think eczema appears as it does on my legs with little red dots. plus i have no clue what caused the bruising on my inner arm, i dont think i was itching severely. please help!!!!
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