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Is a treatment for cutaneous amyloidosis: Macular Amyloidosis?

Posted by tinadoza

I have it on my upper back spine, shoulder blades, and knees. 
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I have that on my upper back mainly. Lower back too. It is a form of PLCA - primary localized cutaneous amyloidosis. My doctor gave me triamcinolone acetonide -but he said it's not the cure because there science has not found a cure for it. Yet.
From what I've read on the internet, scientists in London hope to start trials for a CPHPC-with-antibody combination before April 2011. The main guy is Professor Mark B. Pepys at University College London. I'm not sure if his focus is systemic amyloidosis or any/all types of amyloidosis, but my gut feeling says there's hope on the horizon. Let's pray they get the funding they need. I believe the scientific teams intend to focus on Alzheimers-afflicted patients first, due to that fact that there are many more people with Alzheimers compared to amyloidosis. Source: 2 articles on , written by Clive Cookson, science editor at
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