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Interview with Dermatologist Dr. Alan Fleischer, M.D. about the Benefits of Lactic Acid & AmLactin XL

Posted Aug 18 2011 7:49am

FTC Disclosure:  I have been mailed a sample of  AmLactin XL®  for the purposes of today’s posts.  As per the review policy, I do not allow for samples to influence my written opinions.  Thank you.

Today readers get a special treat, as we have an interview with Dr. Alan Fleischer, professor and chair of the department of dermatology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine.  Dr. Fleischer is the dermatologist for  AmLactin XL® , which is one of my favorite creams as well, as it contains 12% ultra-hydrating lactic acid.  ”I recommend  AmLactin XL®  to my patients because it can help to soften and smooth even the roughest patches of skin,” Dr. Fleischer says.  ” AmLactin XL®  works by exfoliating and sloughing away the thick, dead skin and locking in long-lasting moisture.”

Dr. Alan Fleischer, M.D.

What do you feel are the strengths of AmLactin over other formulas with
lactic acid?

The  AmLactin® family of moisturizers is ideal for managing dry skin associated with a variety of conditions including Keratosis Pilaris or KP. Every  AmLactin® product is formulated with emollient and humectant ingredients plus potent alpha-hydroxy therapy to gently exfoliate and intensely hydrate rough, dry skin, leaving it soft and smooth.  AmLactin®  Moisturizing Body Lotion and Cream contain a clinically proven alpha-hydroxy therapy, 12% lactic acid.  AmLactin XL® contains the unique (patent-pending) ULTRAPLEX® formula, which is an extra-strength blend of three moisturizing compounds that are derived from lactic acid, an alpha-hydroxy moisturizer.
AmLactin XL® is a clinically proven, superior moisturizer to 40% urea cream and 12% ammonium lactate lotion for severe dry skin.

Do you recommend AmLactin to your patients?

I do recommend AmLactin® to my patients suffering from dry skin. It’s important to note that AmLactin® is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition and that some skin conditions may be worsened by moisturizers, so always follow your doctor’s skin care recommendations.

What do you feel are the most commonly made mistakes in skin care?  (For
example, mixing retinoids with AHAs, or over scrubbing the skin, etc.)  How
do you feel these can best be avoided?

People with oily, tough skin can tolerate chemical exfoliation, retinoids, astringents, and vigorous scrubbing. The rest of us need to be a bit more kind, and limit what we do to upset the skin’s natural balance.  Dedication to faithfully using products even in the face of irritation (e.g., redness, scaling, burning…) is a common mistake. Upon signs of irritation, it’s always alright to slow down.

Another common mistake is to always use a moisturizer, even if one’s skin is too oily. I frequently get complaints about how oily people’s skin remains, yet they express religious dedication to moisturizing twice daily. The last I would like to highlight is the lack of adequate sun protection. Daily, broad spectrum facial sun protection is the key to maintaining long-term skin health.

What caused your interest in dermatology?

One  of my mentors inspired me with his ability to diagnose at a glance as well as his curiosity. I wanted to be like him. It didn’t hurt that I also had a few skin problems myself. I actually entered medical school knowing I would be an ophthalmologist, but changed my mind while entrenched in the process.

Do you have any advice for aspiring dermatologists?

In our residency program, every year we receive nearly 300 applications for each available position. To be successful, one must somehow distinguish oneself from the crowd to be noticed. We have seen many successful strategies which can vary quite widely between applicants. I have also seen potential residents fail to match the first time through the system, only to be successful over the next several years. It is critical to be goal-oriented and to persevere.

Thank you, Dr. Fleischer!  

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