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instructions on the product somoxal

Posted by taijah23

i have two products for genital warts one of them is called somoxal the other is called accelerator...what i need is the instructions on how to use both products.if you can help me thanks
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I have received a tube of somoxal and would like instructions for its use.

put on effected area twice a day if you have the accelerater put that on ten mins bfore the somoxal if you dont have the accelerator use moisturising cream ten mins before application of somoxal


what kind of moisturising cream do i use
Genital warts are not “curable” because it is caused by the HPV. However, you can
get rid of them with potent treatment. I use Wartscide because it’s water and alcohol
based, therefore it is liquid. Creams don’t agree with me.
being infected with genital warts is tough, not to mention the mental stress and
physical stress in trying to get rid of them. a relative who is an OB-GYN suggested
that i tried Wartscide. after three days of application, my warts darkened and they
just fell off. it's really effective. i always have a spare bottle just in case they come
back but so far there are none.
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