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If HSV1 is passed to the genitals from the lip , will it continue to affect the genital region or will it return to the lip

Posted by magikcube

I have HSV-1. recently i had a cold sore on my lip, soon after, i realize that i may have passed my oral herpes to my girlfriends genitals. I also then notices a few days later that i had 2 or 3 very small red bumps on my groin. Is it possible for me to reaquire the HSV-1 that i already have had for years, on my genitals. and if so, will it reoccur on my genitals and my lip from now on, or will it just go back to my lip. Also, if my girlfriend now has HSV-1, will she normally get out breaks on her lip, or her genitals after this outbreak goes away?

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