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I've had a skin lesion on my back for over a year which has recenlty started to feel numb.

Posted by jon17044

I noticed a skin lesion on my upper back and went to a doctor here in Honduras where I live.  He prescribed me several different types of creams, but nothing worked.  He eventually removed the lesion and tested it for leishmaniasis, which came back negative.

The skin lesion came back in the same area.  It occassionally becomes swollen, but is usually pretty flat.  It is mostly a light red but with some white areas.  The skin on the lesion feels very smooth.  Recently it has felt numb to a light touch.  It is always closed.

Other symptoms that may be related are that I have swollen lymph nodes and I recently noticed white, horizontal lines on my skin along my lower and middle back.  They look like stretch marks (maybe thats all they are?) They occassionally itch and have a smooth feel (very smiliar to the feel of the lesion)

Thank you for any help you can offer!

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