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I’m In Love With Giovanni Organic Cosmetics

Posted Oct 10 2008 1:12pm

I’ve always liked Giovanni’s organic hair care range, but my liked turned to love when I tried their body lotions.

Giovanni’s shampoo has traveled around with me since I left Brisbane (we go way back). I thought the line was Australian because of the addition of Tea Tree Oil in my fav shampoo of theirs (actually, the product comes from California), so I was super happy when I found Giovanni shampoos and conditioners on the shelves in Canadian health food stores and organic markets.

Giovanni cosmeticsGiovanni cosmetics

In the past I’ve used both natural and “top of the range” non-natural shampoos (Redkin for example) and honestly I’ve found most natural, organic brands to be just as good, if not better than anything else I’ve used - with Giovanni being my favorite.

I’ve skim read Arthur Giovanni’s bio - the Californian hair stylist and founder of Giovanni cosmetics. It’s worth a read if you want to know the background about the products and their founder. I like how they describe their hair products as “positively charged Magnetic line of hair care”. I don’t know what this really means but it sounds good, and hmm …maybe that’s why the product works so well!

Giovanni body lotions

A couple of days ago I dropped into Planet Organic in Toronto looking for a new natural body lotion because I’d run out of moisturizer. And the dry cold weather has been making the skin on my hands and legs a little rough and cracked.

I also needed to stock up on some more shampoo and conditioner, so I made a beeline to the Giovanni section. When I saw their range of body lotions sitting next to the shampoos I decided to try something new and give it a shot. Really just because I love their hair care so much.

They had testers in the store which was great, because I spent the next ten minutes smelling and trying the beautiful lotions. The scents are gorgeous which made it really tough to make a decision on which one I wanted.

I love natural skin care that smells delicious. And not hippy delicious (you know, that fake patchouli smell), but deluxe girly body products delicious. I’ve always prefered to use an organic moisturizer as a perfume instead of a synthetic fragrance. It’s not so overpowering and it keeps you hydrated at the same time! Boys, don’t feel left out. There are brands that also stock products for men that have more of a boyish or manly smell to them.

Giovanni’s body lotion comes in a few different scents - Grapefruit Sky, Hazelnut Vanilla, Lavender Vanilla Snow, Raspberry Winter, Bamboo Birch and Cucumber Song.

My favorite is grapefruit sky because it’s fresh and fruity and smells a little bit like jelly beans. I also loved the sweet nutty smell of hazelnut vanilla (although I was worried this would make me crave hazelnut chocolate too much), and I always favor a lavender smell so I loved the lavender vanilla snow too.

Giovanni cosmeticsGiovanni cosmetics

As for how well the moisturizer works, well, it feels soft and beautiful to apply without making me a greasy mess. But it’s not as strong as a vaseline or petrolium jelly product so it’ll do a good job at moisturizing but it may not be strong enough to keep dry, cracked winter hands baby smooth all season.

What do you look for in a moisturizer?

Obviously I favor the smell and feel of a lotion a lot. But what do you look for in a moisturizer? Do you favor a product that you love the smell of or do you buy strictly on how it feels? Or do you have any other criteria?

I remember browsing the skin care section of a natural health store next to a lady once who was choosing a product based on her intuition. The sales assistant was picking out products for her to try and she was saying “Oh no, I’m just not getting any good energy from that one.” I thought that was kind of cool. Hey, if it works for her why not :)

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